Hello, everyone. Let me introduce to you this week’s artist, known simply as LP. I actually thought that was part of her album name, you know, the abbreviated album artists often release, short for Limited Play. But no, LP is her name. I know, what’s it stand for, right? I already checked for you: Laura Pergolizzi. (Check out her site here).

I like the versatility LP brings to her music. One minute she’s crooning along in deep alto like Melissa Etheridge, and seconds later she’s wailing, belting out goosebump-worthy choruses. She’s being compared to Bob Dylan, which I hear at times, and of course she does have the unkempt Dylan mop from his early musical career, but she’s more than that. She’s an all-around unique folk sound you’ll be glad you tried out. Here’s her video, Into The Wild.

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