I know a crazy guy.

He’s so crazy, he’s running 24 miles, rim to rim, through the Grand Canyon on September 15.

He’s so crazy, he’s trying to raise $50,000 to save 50 girls from a life of prostitution in Ethiopia.

He’s so crazy, he imagines himself his own version of Liam Neeson from Taken, kicking down doors in rescue, seeing the faces of the lost and desperate as he bursts in. He knows with every step he takes and every thousand dollars he raises, he is plucking the life of a child from the muck and mire of a life never meant for her and standing her up on a rock of restoration and redemption.

He doesn’t look crazy, but don’t let that fool you.

He is crazy because he’s inspired. Because he believes he can change something. And it’s catching.

This crazy guy I know is Steve Wiens. And he’s really doing this. All of this. So far, he and his tribe have raised over $31,000 for Eyes that See, an organization assisting with the transformation process for girls and women leaving forced prostitution. And many people are joining in on race day for solidarity runs or coming up with wildly creative ways to support him.


He’s chasing down a cause worth his time, his energy and his heart. And he’s using his influence.

Steve is a pastor, a dad, a husband, a runner and a blogger. He has a growing base of influence, people who wait for his words to show up in their morning email. People like me who look to him for peaceful, accepting wisdom and inspiration to be as crazy as their dreams tell them they can be.

Steve has a platform and he’s using it, not for self-promotion. Not to monetize his blog so he can take extra long vacations. He’s using his presence for a mighty, great good. He’s gathering the people to war and fight and run and pray. He’s giving his tribe something bigger than themselves, something only our rescuer Father God could dream up.

This is what influence is for.

Influence is for the common good. Influence is for calling forth purpose in everyone, no matter their walk in life. Influence is for giving us all a battle cry and a vision before us. Influence is not for me. It’s not for you. It’s for all of us.

You have influence in your spheres. At work, at church, in your home and community. Maybe you’re big and famous or maybe you feel like no one knows about you. But you have influence, I assure you. And it’s not to make you look cool. It’s to partner with God, make his love evident and enormous to the world, and to give everyone around you a real reason to live and move and breathe.

Use your influence for big things today. Speak kindness, use gentleness, motivate and empower instead of belittling and demeaning. Don’t wait for vindication or revenge. Throw flowers instead. And call the people around you to greatness by the very way you live your crazy, inspired, generous life.

And now that you want to know more about this crazy guy, here’s what you can do: Come throw your hat in with Steve and the great rescue effort, or if you want to learn more about Eyes That See, the organization he’s sponsoring, visit the site here.

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