Today’s feature is Vineyard, a Midwest-based, folk-rock band, fresh out of the studio with their lively, experimental E.P., Other Girls. The album displays the group’s versatile skill at blending musical styles. Sound of Reminiscence features a driving rock rhythm that sweeps you up in the moment. The record’s first song, Used, however, croons melancholy break-up lyrics that don’t bum you out, with the light-hearted sound of a banjo and drums who don’t seem to have their hearts broken. Preview and download everything Vineyard on iTunes here.

See? A little bit rock, a little bit country. That’s how we roll out here in the Midwest. And these boys look the part.

Sure, it’s technically September, school’s started, and we’re supposed to pretend like summer’s over. But for those of us still hanging on to the memories of freedom, here’s my favorite tune from their album, the catchy, grunge stylings of Sound of Reminiscence. It’s like an end-of-summer, boot-stomping, front porch concert. The full-blooded chorus crescendo will get stuck in your head, and you won’t even mind. Click play. And you’ll want to turn this one UP!

Happy Labor Day. Happy Almost Fall. But here’s to reminiscing. Enjoy!

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