Say hello to S’ambrosia, veteran singer-songwriter, raised out here in the Midwest. It might surprise you she’s not some fancy girl from one of the coasts when you hear her giant, soulful voice, full of commitment, grit and passion. But now that I say it like that, it sounds an awful lot like the Midwest.

She’s another one who gives me goosebumps as soon as she starts singing. Listening to the Yours Alone track right now, and there it went, right up my spine. Chills. Goosebumps.

Refusing to produce predictable, vanilla, religious music we’ve all tired of, S’ambrosia explores a deeper experience with the divine than the usual radio fare. She seems to really know God. And like him.

Lyrically, musically, she is just different. What a nice change.

S’ambrosia’s work has been surprisingly a best-kept secret, but she’s getting the word out. Did you know you can download her sophomore album, My Name, Your Seal, for free? She suggests a tip of $7, but she’s following the trend and letting you decide how much to contribute to her work. Give her a listen, and you’ll see $7 is a steal. Click below to listen and download her album.



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