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Sometimes Christian music is so flat and depressing. Is it okay if I say that? 

It’s because it’s so entry-level, so absorbed in “that one time Jesus saved me”. And then the story never progresses.

I heard a song today with the lyrics “My chains were broken…when your loved washed over me.”

Really? All your chains were broken? At once? Well, a lot of mine have been hanging on. They break off moment by moment, year by year, monumental moment by monumental moment. I’m freer than when I got here, but not all free.

The love of God didn’t come up from behind and tackle me one day, leaving me without fear and problems and hangups. I’m still a mess. But I’m less mess.

I’m becoming who I am. 

And that’s the Gospel, folks. It’s transformation. Sanctification. God in the dishes, God in the fighting, God in the the dirty clothes, God in the hugs from my son, God in the highway breakdown.

The washing-over of love is supposed to happen every day, like a lot of times. Because that’s how much I need it. Not one time, a long time ago.

And slowly, like a rock in a riverbed, the edges wear off. I get shinier and smoother, but it’s just so, so, slow.

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I need a lot of love washes.

So Christian music, and Christian people, please remember the real Gospel. Please stop acting like salvation saves everything at once with glorious visible manifestation. It doesn’t. (Cause God knows we couldn’t handle that much freedom at once.)

But everything will be made new. Everything is being made new. The promise is a guarantee. Future history. As long as we stay in the river.

What’s one hangup you’ve gotten cleaned off, or at least a little cleaned up? Leave it in the comments, then let’s put it in the river together so it can get washed off.

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5 thoughts on “Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?

  1. So true. We get so used to instant gratification, we can’t forget it’s a process we will go through for the rest of our lives.

    I used to (and still do, occasionally) get so frustrated that everything wasn’t fitting together like I always thought it would. I’d be confused and a little angry that the goals I felt like God gave me weren’t being met with this sweeping, fluid ease that I always expected they should, when God gives you something.

    I just have to remember that, if he showed me the end result, I’d take every shortcut I could to get there, and completely miss the journey.


    1. Good point, Bill. It is a journey. And God designed it that way on purpose. I think we think that arriving, that getting squeaky clean in an area of our lives is what God is after. But David’s heart and life show us God is just after a person who wants to know and love him: “a man after God’s own heart”. And that heart posture allows the transformation from within to manifest on the outside. But yes, it sure does take time. And it sure is messy.


  2. Have you listened to K-LOVE? Their motto is “positive and encouraging” and it’s a great mix of Christian music and encouraging stories.


    1. Jen, I appreciate the suggestion. I’m not sure if I get KLove in my area or not, but I do have a local Christian station. I believe encouragement is important, but in general, I’m disappointed with the substance of Christian music and wish artists and producers took more time to talk honestly about the journey and hardship of living in faith. Songs that do that, like the worship song from a few years ago, “Blessed be your name”, really resonate with people because they are raw and honest, not fluffy. That’s what I’m talking about. Thank you so much reading and joining the conversation.


      1. You’re welcome! You have a good point because the trials will come and we need honest encouragement to sustain us not only during smooth times but the difficult times as well. I downloaded the K-LOVE app and listen that way. 🙂


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