I wonder if snakes feel restless when they start shedding. Because I do.

It happens around the same time every year, the fall. I always forget the feeling until it hits me all at once. I’m minding my own business, enjoying my life, keeping a generally good pace.

Then suddenly, I hate everything. I’m restless, antsy.

I get depressed. I miss the ocean something terrible.

I want to be anywhere but here. 

The feeling arrived early this year, but I knew it right away. When I passed the sign that said Denver 520 miles on my drive home from Kansas City, I wanted to pass my exit and keep driving. Yup, that’s how I know.

Anywhere but here.

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I guess molting is a good thing. It’s like soul-exfoliation, but a deep, 3 days at the spa kind. The kind that makes you look behind you and go, Wait, am I forgetting something? Oh yea, the old me. 

But it’s a good feeling, a lighter, something-better’s-coming feeling.

Now that I think about it, me and the snakes are not so unique. Everything is shedding in the fall, namely trees and other foliage. Everything is sloughing off the old to prepare for the new.

It’s a vulnerable feeling to be in-between though. And that might cause some restlessness too.

I’m looking forward to the me on the other side of the skin though. I always come out better.

Do you shed or get restless? What time of year and how do you know? Leave your answer in the comments. I need some company, besides snakes and trees. 

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