On the other side of commitment is everything you want.


It’s a cruel irony. Our culture offers millions of options, and for millennials especially, there is this looming, strangling fear of missing out.

We don’t want to miss out. We are terrified of missing out. Of missing the one thing, the right thing.

So we leave our options open. We say “Maybe” to college majors and job opportunities and friendships and relationships and travel and church and volunteering and where we will spend our money.

Maybe. Possibly. I don’t know yet.

That’s our M.O.

The irony is that the very thing we seek, the deep connections, the being known fully and loved anyway, the waking up with the gusto of purpose and meaning, all the good stuff of life, is behind the door of commitment. But in our fear of missing out, we never say “Yes” to anything.

The Maybe is stealing your destiny from you. Maybe is thieving your dreams right from under your nose.

This word is no innocuous thing. It’s a heart position, and you think it’s protecting you from making the wrong choice. Instead, it’s blocking you from everything you want.

Stop saying Maybe. Stop saying I don’t know.

Say Yes to a friend who is reliable. Say Yes to a job that isn’t your dream yet, but it will pay the bills while you figure it out. Say Yes to the relationship that is good, even though you’re scared. So Yes to the church that’s more flawed than you expected.

Nothing is perfect. But many things are good, very good.

But until you walk through the Commitment Door, you will be outside, unknown, undecided, wandering.

Do it. No more excuses. Take Maybe out of your vocabulary. Just Say Yes.

Open the door of Commitment and step through.

What are you most of afraid to commit to? Is it any one thing or just pretty much everything? Share your thoughts below in the comments.