At a concert this weekend I discovered a delightful new folk rock band, Elenowen. Elenowen is comprised of husband-wife duo, Josh and Nicole Johnson, along with their best friend, Park Avery.

Folk music is probably the music of my soul, so I always resonate easily with the strums and sways and front porch feeling. But Josh and Nicole’s harmonies reflect their soul connection, perfectly tuned, creating a sound much fuller than the sum of its parts. It’s the kind of chemistry I wish still existed in the Civil Wars.

It’s something we so rarely see in music: the Love Frequency. Resonance.

And it sounds beautiful.

Elenowen released an 8-song album in 2011, and an EP last year. But like many independent artists, they haven’t been able to create a full-length album. So they are crowd-sourcing the album with Kickstarter, collaborating with fans to create the music they want the world to hear.

They are in the last 8 days of their campaign. The goal is $40k in 40 days, and they have a ways to go. So every contribution counts. Stop by and preorder the album, or give big and take a trip to Nashville with the band to write a song with them. Cool, huh?

But first, introduce yourself to Elenowen with this lyric video of their song, Head To My Heart.

One thought on “#NewMusicMonday: Elenowen

  1. This band is incredible! Fun fact: I had the joy of seeing them this past March at an event called “Hope in the Dark” – a fundraiser for a non-profit called Blood:Water Mission (where I was interning at the time). Their performance that evening helped to raise thousands of dollars for HIV/AIDS, clean water & sanitation programs for communities in Africa. You can tell just by watching them perform that these two love deeply – not only each other, but also the Lord.


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