There’s no such thing as easy love.

Everyone wants to get married, but only a few want to do the work to stay married, stay friends and grow in love. To say No to extra time at work or relationships or projects that could bring us wealth or fame and prioritize one relationship over them all.

Everyone wants to have friends to bear life’s burdens and share common ground with, but few people want to drop everything for someone when they need it. Not many of us want to be inconvenienced.

Everyone wants divine encounter, to have a cool God story or appear spiritually connected. But not many people want to do the work to know God like a friend, to sit quietly when he isn’t talking that day, to wait and pray and sometimes have nothing happen immediately.

Love and relationships are work. We fall into them easily and fall out of them easier. Staying in is the hard part.

Love is inherently sacrificial. It means you don’t get to do what you want when you want. But you do get the relationship. You get the companionship. You get the person to walk with, be with, live life with.

You will have to give up a lot to have a partner or a friend or to be a disciple of Jesus. It will require work. You will wonder if you’re getting anything out of it some days. But if you wake up tomorrow and you choose relationship, it will be worth the work and sacrifice. Because everything worth doing requires something of you.

Confession: I’m struggling with this right now. A lot. I don’t love work – I think things should be easier. All things. I don’t think love and relationship should require so much. I usually want the reaping without the sowing. Can you relate?