Today we meet Jordan Scanlan, an up-and-coming, Midwest-based solo artist. I’ve heard Jordan play live several times, and his authenticity and boldness in his performance always struck me. It felt like watching David on the hills with his sheep, this time strumming a guitar instead of a harp, singing so loud to wear his heart and his innards on the outside.

He held nothing back.

Jordan’s live EP, Promised Land, provides the same experience, a boyish earnestness with a grown-up simplicity. The album is Jordan and his guitar. But despite the lack of additional vocals or accompaniment, the sound is still robust, engaging, full of his signature yearning to explore God as he knows him, and as he doesn’t.

Jordan is bravely giving away his five-song EP, Promised Land, at noisetrade. But you can leave a tip. I bet you’ll think he earned it. Sample the album by clicking on the Noisetrade image below, then download away. Enjoy.

[Updated: the link to the album was not working before, but this has been corrected. I apologize for the inconvenience.]