Today is my son’s third birthday. I can hardly believe he is three. Three, people. As in, more than one year old. 

Three years ago today, this was us, tired, happy and a little swollen:


I’m in major Mom-Nostalgia Brain over here. It’s a serious condition. Last night at dinner, I flipped through photos of him as a baby while he was sitting right next to me. I kept showing him “Baby John” and gushing about “how cute and teeny you were”.

Then we sang him “Happy Birthday” and he would give us the big, long hugs, and say, “Thank you, Mom”, “Thank you, Dad”. And then ask us to sing it again.

Oh my, I love that kid!

I’m so thankful to be pregnant because I am seriously missing the goodness of tiny babyness, even though it is so so hard some days.

Me and John doing tummy time. Aren’t we adorable? 

Since John is three, I’m featuring three of favorite posts about him today:

1. John’s birth story: A natural birth I had to fight for, and John’s first week of life. (Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of crying, from me.)

2. 9 Reasons I like being a Mom

3. You’re Two and I Love It: 50 Favorite Things About My Toddler


Happy Birthday, John! You make my life so much better. I learn about generosity and forgiveness and love and effortless joy from you. I wish I was the Mom you deserve all the time, but I know we are growing up together. And that’s a good thing too.

May you have many, many more years crammed full and overflowing with love and wonder and brilliance and joy and laughter and discovery and God! You are loved far more than you know.

Love, your Mama.