Maybe you don’t know the power of gentleness, but God does.

And God is dealing with you gently.

It’s a start contrast between how we treat ourselves. We often handle ourselves with aggression and frustration, throwing ourselves around the room, even threatening ourselves if we can’t change, stop screwing up, get it right.

But Jesus dealt with sin and sinners gently when the person was repentant and wanted healing, restoration and relationship. Remember the calm way he addressed the woman caught right in the middle of the deed. The townspeople literally dragged her out of bed with some guy and dragged her into the town square to show her how they felt about sin. (Why the guy she was sleeping with didn’t deserve similar treatment in their minds, I have no idea.)

But Jesus never pointed fingers, never raised his voice.

Instead, he silenced the accusers and sent them away. Then he knelt down. “Neither do I condemn you.”

Jesus is still alive, and he is still this kind of man. He still treats his brothers and sisters this way.

Think about it: the only harshness you hear from him is when he is dealing with Pharisees who believe they are without sin. He had no tolerance for their faux righteousness and their obsession with power and control.

For those of us who need a kind God, we are in luck. That is exactly the kind of God he is. Romans 2 tells us “It is the kindness of God (not the anger of God) that leads us to repentance.”

So if you need help turning away from something that keeps tripping you up, stretch out your hands and receive his kindness, his gentleness.

He knows they are the only things that will really change you.

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7 thoughts on “The Power of Gentleness

  1. Great reminder Sarah. Thank you for highlighting Romans 2:4 – it’s just become fresh for me. Recently I’ve been pondering the significance of gentleness in my own life, so this is very timely. 🙂


  2. Whaaat!!! Sarah, we are still on the same track!! 🙂 In fact, I tentatively titled the draft of a blog post I wrote a few days ago as, ‘The Power of Gentleness.’ Not even kidding. God has been speaking to me about gentleness a lot lately and also especially about the woman caught in adultery!!! I actually wrote a bit on gentleness on my blog the other day —


    1. That’s really cool. I will have to check it out. I had another reader tell me this is what God is showing her too. I think it’s a theme right now for some of us in the Church. Nice to know I’m on the Frequency.


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