It breaks my heart to say this, but sometimes I think people can’t be saved.

Our church’s mission is Live the Restoration, to literally display what the Gospel story looks like in my life so others can imagine it in theirs. Sometimes I pray for people I meet out in real life, or at work or church.

I love to tell my transformation stories – there are many, new ones all the time. And I love to hear the stories from

But I meet some of these people, and I wonder if they really can be saved. If the blood of Jesus can give them back the things I could never restore: sanity. Human relationships. A life free of addiction.

I secretly think their minds are too far gone or their inability to feel empathy or connect with others renders them destined for a life of Outside the rest of us. I fear they’ve given their best years to the drug.

I fear because I feel my limits.

I would’ve thought this real Walter White was too far gone. But he wasn’t. He made the best meth in Alabama for ten years, shredded his family and lived like an addict. But God didn’t give up the chase.

This story is beautiful because it reminds me I should let God run after people if he wants to. And if he wants me to do the running, I am going to have oblige cause we just never know who Love can save.

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