Last week my son discovered chocolate milk. And my life just got a lot more complicated.

Until a few days ago, the only beverages he drank were regular Vitamin D milk and water. No juice. No soda. Just milk and water.

He has a sweet tooth so the fact that no sweet drinks suited his taste was no small miracle.

A few nights ago, Josh brought a pint of chocolate milk home, and John wasn’t interested in the strange brown substance at the bottom of his cup. But Josh conned him into a few sips, and now he’s hooked.

It’s candy in a cup.

I wish we’d waited longer before this sweet introduction because first thing Saturday morning, John requested chocolate milk for breakfast.

What have we done?

I don’t think I’m quite as a good a parent as God. But then, sometimes I’m guilty of thinking God’s a bad parent holding the best things behind my back or just out of my reach.

As I find myself waiting again and again for God to bring me the people or opportunities I long for in my life, I secretly suspect he’s holding out on me. That there’s some good things he wants to bring my way, but he’s not.

He’s waiting for some unknown reason, not giving me what I want because I am not praying enough or being good enough or driving slow enough. Or something.

He’s holding out on me, I just know it.

But the longer I wait for things, and the bigger and better and more impossible the things are I want, the more I know that the waiting is for a reason.

God is not mysteriously waiting for me to get my crap together down here. The waiting is for becoming.

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God knows we can’t always handle all the good things we want, the good things he wants to give us. So he wisely and cautiously waits until our dreams will not wreck us, or we will not be wrecked by our dreams. Just like my son is probably not quite mature enough for chocolate milk. But hey, we’re not God over here.

I know if my blog gained thousands of followers a few years ago the way I wanted it to, I would’ve fled in fear of failure. I would’ve shut the blog down and crawled under the desk. Panicked over the sudden success, not knowing or understanding myself well, and I would’ve bailed.

It took all these years to convince me I want to write because I truly have something to say. Writing and speaking are the means through which I communicate God’s passion for all of us to discover our callings and live with purpose, which is what I personally am called to do.

I didn’t know this then, and my first blog attempt would’ve been a nightmare failure, one I know I would’ve been reluctant to return to.

Fortunately, God took the time with me to let me discover my calling and grow in my conviction of it FIRST, before the success. Before the audience.

Even if I never gain a large following, I still know why I’m here. I know what I am supposed to do with my days on the earth. And that will keep me focused and energized far longer than a crowd clamoring for my attention.

I am becoming who I need to be to receive the good things God wants to give me anyway, but now I have the perseverance, desire and character to care for them as I should.

What do you want that you fear God is keeping from you? Let me encourage you to fully participate in this waiting period and allow God to shape you into who you must be to receive the gift.