I’ll just get this over with. The way to never fail is to never do anything. At all.

The person who never fails to make a sale on a car has never tried. The person who never fails to plumb a toilet or build a computer or grow a business or raise a human being has never actually done it before.

Failure is the sign that someone is actually trying something.

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People who are doing nothing never fail. But if you want to do something with your life that matters, something that lives beyond your few, short years here, you will have to except that failure is part of it.

You will guess wrong, you will offend people, you will lose money. You will say the wrong thing at a party. You will pick the wrong outfit for a date. You will blow the presentation by forgetting your script.

Oh well.

At least you are doing something. You are trying. That’s better than the critics on the couch, who have nothing of value to contribute.

Failure says absolutely nothing about you except that you were out there doing our job, and for whatever reason, it didn’t go so hot that day. The fish weren’t biting, the people weren’t buying.

Maybe your sales approach sucks or maybe you have bad people skills. Maybe that’s part of the reason you failed. You might be part of the problem. But you will never know that if you’re not trying. And you will never improve without failure.

So remember this: failing = trying. The more you try, the more you will fail. But the more you will succeed too. Eventually.

Cause you know who never succeeds? People who never try.

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8 thoughts on “How To Never Fail

      1. Hi Sarah, good days and not so good days, as you’d expect I guess. Some days I really like what I’ve written and other days it’s just a rambling mess. But at least I’m writing, so that’s a start. 🙂


      2. Good for you – good and bad days are part of the journey but at least you are on it. I feel the same way about my work.
        Jeff Goins is doing a 500 word a day challenge for this month. It’s not too late to jump on. You can go to his site here and learn more about it but it’s just that simple: write 500 words a day. It’s his way of helping us develop a habit. I am doing pretty well with it, but I didn’t get to it yesterday. Back on the wagon today. http://goinswriter.com/my500words/


  1. I am really glad you said this.

    I have been reading a lot blogs out there railing on New Year’s resolutions, but my reaction is always that it is better to try and fail than never try at all. Often I don’t meet the goals I set for myself, but they push me farther than I would have gone without them!


    1. Exactly Andrew. I often set goals knowing I may only get 50-80% of the result but that is 50-80% more than I would’ve gotten without the goal. I’m glad you mentioned that. I will have to mention that as I’m talking about goals in the next week or two. I will credit you. 🙂


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