I want every one of my posts to matter. To hit big.

I secretly believe it’s possible that every article, every word, every adorable pun or profound tidbit of wisdom will singe the eyeball hair of my readers with awesomeness.

I want everything to be sharable, memorable.

I want to strike gold every day.

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But I don’t. I don’t need to. And neither do you.

We don’t write or work or create because we are going to strike gold that day. We never really know what will hit home with people. We are shooting blindly out here, but we are showing up. We are creating. We are doing the work.

What matters more than social media shares or hubbub around our work is we are living our calling, whatever that is. And obedience and commitment to our life’s mission are too important to weigh against only one day’s worth of results.

Today, you might improve the life of one person. Tomorrow, one hundred thousand. But you don’t get to choose that. You just have to put the work out there. That’s your job.

Some days we will strike gold. We will create something that will resonate and everyone will want to talk about it. We may have to change site hosts to keep up with the traffic.

But today may not be that day. Let’s show up anyway.

What keeps you from putting your work out there every day? Share with me in the Comments below.

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