You are not here for you.
God did not make you so you could simply live and be happy.

Happiness cannot be your goal, although it may be a temporary side effect of your life. If happiness becomes your goal, you will find you are quite unhappy most of the time. Ironically.

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You are not here to be center stage. The story of the universe does not start and end with you. (This should be a relief.)

You are a gift to humanity, but you can’t be a gift solely on your terms. Because you are a gift, this means you do not belong to yourself. You did not come up with the idea of you. (This, also, should be a relief.)

You are a gift when you live your calling. When you pursue your dreams.
You are a gift when you love when it’s hard.
You are a gift when you stop trying to be what you think everyone wants you to be and let yourself be exactly who you are.

You are a gift when you enjoy yourself and God and the people you’ve been given to love.

You will be a gift in the moments you least expect, perhaps in your greatest weakness.

How is that possible?

You are not here to impress us.
We do not need to be entertained.
You do not need to earn your keep or prove your right to exist.
Move past these ambitions – they are wasting the precious time you have with us.

We need what you have – your passion, your talent, your personality, your dreams.
We need who you are. 
And if you don’t know who or what that is yet, we need you to figure it out.
You’re the only one who has what you have.

Where else will we get it?

Do you know why you are here? Do you know what you have to offer: your calling, your passion, your dreams? Helping people discover the answers to these questions is my passion and a massive part of my calling. Stick around. We are going to  talk about this a lot more. JUST CLICK HERE to subscribe to the blog and get my eBook, My Birthright For Soup, plus other subscriber-only goodies totally free as a Thank You.

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