Our dreams and desires can feel like deserted islands at times. Sometimes the passion seems all our own, as if it were up to us to see the vision become reality.

I often feel like my dream belongs to me, like it’s just me out here in this garden, tilling the ground, planting the seed, sweating beneath the sun. But God continues to remind me the dream is not for me or from me, and it is not mine to work out alone.

We have not been handed a dream we must trudge out for the human race on behalf of heaven. We were made to dream with God and with others. In fact, our dreaming will always be shriveled and smaller than potential size unless we dream with.

So how do we dream and live with the greatest impact?

1. Remember all dreams begin with God first. We must start with the assurance any idea or vision we possess to better this world must first be his brain child.

2. God models dreaming with others, not only dreaming for them. God dreams with, inside the Trinity, in perfect agreement of Father, Son and Spirit. But his creation of humankind revealed his desire to dream with his children as well. He whispers dreams to each of us, weaving them into our DNA so we can’t help but long for them.

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3. Dreaming is a team sport. As God invites us into his dreams for the world, we dream with him, and we invite others to dream with us. Often we find God has shared a similar dream with others we meet, and we can dream and labor together to see the change become to reality.

Who are you dreaming and working with? Are you trying to dream and labor for God and others but leaving them out of the process? Ask God what his version of your dream is, then invite others to dream with you too.


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