Let’s talk about your calling. Let’s talk about the fact that you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing. You go through your life, and you wonder if this is it, or that, but you don’t know for sure.

Or maybe you do know what you’re supposed to be doing, a dream or a divine assignment, but you’re running. You’re heading 100 miles an hour in the opposite direction of the thing because you’re scared. Of rejection. Of failure. Of getting it wrong. 

You are so scared of getting it wrong. Because then you’ll be on The Wrong Path and how will you ever get yourself back? Maybe you’ll miss everything: your future partner and your life’s work, and you’ll end up homeless in a ditch somewhere. Or maybe not in a ditch but worse, in a grocery store deli on your lunch break from your cubicle universe.

As long as you never follow what might be your calling, you’ll never be wrong, not really. But this life without risk is boring.

And you are so bored. Because coloring inside the lines fear draws for you is safe, but it’s not what you were made for. You know that, don’t you?

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When you were younger, you thought life would have more highs, more energy, more meaning. And now you are just paying bills and driving around and showing up at work.

When you hear Jon Foreman sing his old song, “You were meant to live for so much more,” you cry or your heart sinks because you know it’s true. If only you knew what it was. If only you weren’t so bored and scared and angry.

You tell yourself it’s not fear. It’s other people. It’s all these obligations you have going on right now. You can’t just quit your life.

You tell yourself you will follow the dream, later, when the kids are grown, when you have more education and more time and more money.

For now, you console yourself, you have to sacrifice. You have to pay your dues. Your parents told you it would be hard, it wouldn’t be fun. It is hard and it isn’t fun. But you have to put your Big Kid Pants on. You just wish you didn’t feel like you were dying while you did it.

But what if you could come alive now? What if the things you were made to do were right there in front of you, and you could do them now? What if you didn’t have to wait?

What if you could define your calling, really own it, and stop waiting to live?

A little over a year ago, this was me, bored, scared and angry, blaming everyone but myself for my misery. Then I asked myself two hard questions, and it boiled down to this:

1. What do you want to do before you die? 

2. Why aren’t you doing it? 

The answers were painful, but they led me on a journey of digging myself out of regret and blaming other people for my condition. And so I started the journey off the island of self-pity toward owning my life and taking responsibility for my calling and dreams, realizing they were gifts from God to be nurtured, not ignored.

As I started to write about dreams and how to get them back, I realized there was a more pressing question plaguing each of us: Why am I here? 

I fought with this question because I knew we all wrestle with it. If I had this problem, I figured others did.

Here’s what I learned about calling over the past year:

1. Your calling is the answer to the question, ‘Why am I here?‘.

2. Living according to your design, in your calling, will make you come alive.

3. You can live your calling in every day life. You don’t have to wait.

I wanted to give you the clarity I gained for myself as I struggled with this so I created this simple, interactive eBook, Called To Come Alive.

Do you know the answer to the question, Why am I here? I want to help you find that answer.

So I have a crazy idea: what if you could bravely distill your entire existence down to a single statement? What if you could create an elevator pitch for yourself, something to motivate and remind yourself about your design and what makes you come alive? And what if you knew how to live that out in your daily life?

That’s what Called To Come Alive is all about. This eBook is designed to take you through a process that will help you uncover what most energizes and inspires you. Even if you start the book completely confused about your calling, in just an hour or so, you will:CTCA3dCover3

        • Discover what you’re already doing in your life that makes you come alive
        • Develop a personal mission statement
        • Define how to live out your design and mission in your everyday life.

I am releasing this book only to subscribers, people who want to join with me in committing to living with courage and intention, fully alive. If that’s you, this is your community. We are your people. 

Called To Come Alive will be officially released on Friday, July 11. If you want in, if you want to discover your purpose and live alive, this book is for you. 

Sign up right here. You can’t buy Called To Come Alive yet, and right now, you don’t have to. I want to give it to you as a gift.

So come join me. Let’s live with purpose, on purpose. Energized, inspired. Let’s live life alive. 

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