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{In honor of the release of Called To Come Alive, we are talking about calling all week on the blog. Today I am pleased to introduce Andrew Gilmore as my guest. He’s a blogger friend of mine with a passion for the Bible, and how it practically applies to our lives. He’s not preachy though – he communicates in a relaxed, down-to-earth style that still calls you out. He recently released his first book, Do No Work, and if you ever feel like you’re doing too much and don’t have permission to slow down, like we all do, this is a must-read. Right now the book is a steal on Kindle for only $.99. I highly recommend you pick it up. And without further ado, here’s Andrew on two essential traits to living our calling.}

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to achieving your dream?

You have a call from God, some kind of lofty goal or mission, but life keeps getting in the way. You get so frustrated because you’re short on time, money, or other resources necessary to make your dream a reality.

Or maybe you’re facing fierce opposition from a rival, a foe, or even a loved one.

That’s bad. But what are your options? Quitting would be even worse because it means giving up on your dreams, selling your birthright for a mere cup of soup.

But you can’t keep trudging along at a snail’s pace. You can’t keep getting beat up by those opposed to your calling.

Or can you?

Here Are the Two Traits

For every worthwhile goal or dream, there are two essential traits you must possess.

And I’m sorry if you expected lilacs and sugar plums, but neither one is particularly pleasant. But they are requirements.

1. Passion

This one is obvious, and we romanticize it.

It’s that fire in your gut, the drive that keeps you going. Passion casts you headlong into pursuing your dream. It consumes your thoughts.

If you don’t have passion for your dream, will anyone else?

2. Patience

Where passion might evoke excitement, patience is just plain boring. And frustrating. But it is just as important as passion. Why? Passion will wane at times. That fire will die down. It’s at this point that many people quit and move on to the next thing. The next hobby or career or ministry. They want that passion back.

But those who persevere by applying patience are those who win.


Uphill Struggle

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Allow Me to Let You in on a Little Secret

Passion and patience are actually the same thing, just by varying degrees.Both words come from the same Latin root, pati, meaning to suffer. Now you know why the King James Version of the Holy Bible translates patience as “long-suffering”. Passion is an intense form, patience is the long, drawn out form of endurance. (I told you it wasn’t going to be pleasant.)

You must be so passionate about your dream that you are willing to suffer, to be criticized, to put yourself at risk.

And you must have patience to see your dream through even though waiting can feel so frustrating.

The Ultimate Case Study

No one better exemplifies these two things than Jesus Christ. For thirty years He patiently studied the Scriptures, worked as a carpenter, and grew in the Lord (Luke 2:52). How hard that must have been knowing that He was ordained by God to redeem the world.

Then, when His time had come, He took on the passion. He taught, healed, lambasted the Pharisees, and overturned the moneychanging tables in a whirlwind of a three-year period. His passion culminated in a brutal crucifixion at the hands of the Romans and the approval of the Sanhedrin—the ultimate form of suffering.

Praise God that He does not call you to that degree of suffering. But make no mistake, He has called you to something.

The question is, are you willing to suffer for it?

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Bam! That was intense. Now I’m uncomfortable. Thanks for making us appropriately squirmy while still inspiring us, Andrew. We even got a Latin lesson. Excellent stuff! 
Please leave Andrew a comment below and tell him the thing you’re most passionate about that is also requiring your patience – I know he’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!
Andrew Gilmore is the author of Do No Work, a book that helps Christians beat down stress and draw nearer to God through the study and proper application of the Sabbath commandment. He and his wife Katie spend most of their time raising their four children in Norman, Oklahoma. Neither one has slept since 2010. You can catch up with Andrew at



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