Today is a sacred day of remembrance. And remembrance is a form of gratitude.

As a nation, we thank God today for his safety and protection over us the past 13 years. Today, perhaps more than ever, we are aware that safety is not something we can take for granted. But if we want to keep our hope and faith strong, we must keep thankful hearts. Thankfulness will shield us from anxiety as it replaces fear with God’s peace. 

Peace is not the absence of conflict or threat. Peace is grounded confidence in a God who loves extravagantly and deeply, who is patient beyond belief, and who will pick mercy over judgment as long as he can. 

From this peace, hope springs up, sure that God will act on behalf of those he loves, just as he has in the past.


So today, let’s be a wildly thankful people. Let’s be overwhelmed by God’s great kindness, rather than fear of harm. Let’s be in awe of his strength and love, rather than the enemy’s hate and very limited power.

Once your heavy heart starts to lift, pray intensely for our president. If you’re mad at the president, forgive him. You can’t pray for someone that you have a grudge against. Then take up your issue with God, because God is the one who raises up Kings tears them down. Remember David prayed for and blessed Saul, even while he tried to kill him.

Then pray for God to bless our president and our nation’s leaders with his presence and wisdom. Pray that the president would crave the wisdom of God. Pray that this nation will be restored as a generous and outward-focused one. 

Pray with me: 

Father God, in heaven, your name is sacred, holy and set apart.

Jesus, let your kingdom come, and your will be done, Father God, on earth, here in the United States of America, and all over our earth, as it is in heaven.

We know that everything we have comes from you, so give us what we need today, our food, water, our very lives.

Forgive me, God, for all the ways that I have sinned and separated myself from you and others. And forgive our nation for separating from you.

Keep our eyes wide open and our hearts vigilant so we don’t fall prey to things that would distract us from you and your love.

And please, deliver us from evil, from those who hate us and seek to destroy us.

We know that the greatest kingdom and the greatest power and the greatest glory are all yours, today, even in the midst of the chaos, and forever. 

We love you. Amen.