We took John to the museum a few weeks ago. I was afraid it might go badly. He is only four, after all. He might break something, throw a tantrum, embarrass me somehow. But I craved the creative. So we went anyway. 

When we walked through the doors, genius struck. Instead of clutching his hand and demanding he stay close, I leaned down and said, “This is a museum. There are treasures everywhere. Look for treasures, and I’ll look too.” 

“Okay,” he whispered back, as we walked slowly beneath the giant, vaulted ceiling. 

He ran a couple times. He got hungry. But he found treasure. And so did I. 

We always find what we are looking for. When you have young kids, going to a museum means looking for trouble or looking for treasure. 

And we always find what we are looking for. So what are you looking for? 


4 thoughts on “Tell Them What To See

    1. I’m sorry you’re finding yourself in a difficult relationship but I hope you can see what you need to here, Lindsey. It sounds like maybe you already have seen what you need to.


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