It’s easy to be ashamed of the mess we make with our lives. The learning, the integrating, the developing, well, it sounds nice when I say it like that.

But in reality, it’s a lot of falling and spilling and wardrobe changes. It’s the shame and disgrace we’d rather hide from. We don’t want anyone to see the moments where we’re not on our game. We know God probably sees it, but we usually prefer to skip the conversation about our latest mess-up until after we’ve cleaned up.

But God’s not embarrassed by the process. He’s the potter, after all. He’s right there in the muck with us, clay deep in his fingernails. There he is, leaned over the wheel, pushing, churning, molding. With a smile playing at the corner of his mouth because he knows exactly what you’re going to look like when this is finished. And you’re going to be AWESOME. Which means, in God’s economy, you already are.

He says we already are what we’re becoming – the beautiful, the holy, the miraculous, the transformed – after all. So we can act like it now – we don’t have to wait.

 So when you’re at your worst, when you’re mean and horrible and failing, when you’re terrified and you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life, when you just ran off the last person who meant something to you, when it is going very, very badly, or even just a little bit badly, take your wobbly, misshapen self back to him. Plop down and say, “Look at my mess. Can you fix this, please? Help.” 

He will. He won’t leave us. Ever. He always finishes what he started. 

“There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.”   –Paul to the Philippian Church

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