When I was in college, my friend, Nate, would always ask me when I was going to write a book. “I”m not going to write a book,” I’d reply every time. “I’m going to write a brochure.”

Perhaps it’s ironic. For someone as talkative as me, I’ve never been a fan of the wordiness of most 250-page books. I always feel they can make the point more quickly.

I skim the Table of Contents and scan pages for highlights. I want to glean the gist of the book without rifling through all the fluff added to fill the publisher’s quota. 

Yet there’s pressure to add words. To fill space. 

I’ve struggled with my writing because I wanted to come here and say so many things, but I never have many words.

I usually start writing with one line in mind, one picture or idea that floats to the surface. On any given day, maybe a dozen of these ideas come to me. I’d write them down, but I didn’t give myself permission to do anything with them.  

Genius and abbreviated thought blogs like Seth Godin and Jessica Hagy liberated me. Maybe short is better. Easily digestible. Straight to the point. A couple of one-liners and let people filter the meaning for themselves, rather than doing all the work for them to spell it out. 

You don’t need a novel to get the idea. And I don’t want to write 1000 words and tell a lovely story to illustrate my point every time. It’s too much work, and frankly, it’s not me. 

Just so you know what you’re getting: I’m a brochure girl, not a book girl. And that’s what I’ll be doing around here. I just wanted you to know, in case you’ve felt a shift in the pace and rhythm of things, and I’m sure you have. I want to finally share these ideas with you…so here goes. 

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