You’re making it too hard. Don’t overthink it. 

If you’re like most of us, you don’t have an impulsivity problem – you have a fear problem.

When you make a decision and it’s a good one, you learn to make more like that. When you make a decision and it goes to crap, you evaluate and figure out how to never do that again. Hopefully. 

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Decision-making is really just a learning process. People who move fast aren’t necessarily brash or super smart – they are just deciding they want to learn their lessons at a faster rate. The rest of us are snailing along, fearful of doing this and that wrong and permanently damaging the course of our entire existence.

When we move quickly, we learn quickly – we adjust the sails and learn to navigate our internal waters faster. We teach ourselves confidence. We learn that failure won’t kill us. And maybe we do some awesome things too. 

So think fast. Then act. Then learn. Then act again.

When in doubt, make a decision. If you make a wrong decision, make another decision. -My Dad

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