The one thing in your life more powerful than your circumstances is your self-talk. Your self-talk is always with you, commenting on, observing and interpreting the happenings around you and inside you.

Surprisingly though, we rarely recognize that we are narrating our own lives. We assume the thoughts we think about ourselves, others and the circumstances we find ourselves in are basically facts. “I feel this way so it must be true,” we often think.

But we’re only getting part of the story.

Self-talk serves a purpose, to keep you in line with your goals, to help you survive, succeed, behave appropriately so you will be loved. Sometimes our self-talk is kind and empowering, but very often, it hinders us from the very thing we want and need in our lives.

So how do we interact with self-talk? How do we recognize it, and more importantly, how do we change it?

In this training, I talk about the process of noticing and transforming your self-talk with simple steps. Learning to change the conversation you have with yourself is how you will change your whole life. Don’t believe me? Listen in and see for yourself.