Losing beauty

I stood in the bathroom and swished my short mop between my hands one more time. Staring into the mirror last night, I complained aloud to my mother that I didn't feel like myself. "I want my glamour back," I whined. "I feel like a news anchor or a soccer mom. It's so suburban. So … Continue reading Losing beauty

You’ve never existed before

If you want to do something grand yet peculiar with your life, if you want to be something enormous, colorful and wild, but you can't seem to think of anyone else who has done this before, well you're probably right. No one has ever been you before. So the thing in your head that you … Continue reading You’ve never existed before

It only takes a few essentials to stay refined.

Kat and Em over at The Refined Woman gush about the LBD and "a few non-negotiable staples" in every ladies wardrobe: Little Black Dress A Tailored Black and Navy Blue Blazer White Silk Blouse Pencil Skirt Classic Black Pumps Dark Denim Skinny Jeans This blog - and these girls - are quickly becoming favorites of … Continue reading It only takes a few essentials to stay refined.

I want my old tummy back, please.

It's been about 27 months since I had a baby. (Can I still count that in months?) Within weeks after birth, I was that annoying girl, back in my old everything. Skinny again and proud of it. My tummy wasn't toned, but since it wasn't protruding or hanging out or acting otherwise inappropriate, I didn't … Continue reading I want my old tummy back, please.

Making bread and other tranquil things

I got one of those ideas in my head a couple weeks ago. I wanted to make bread. I could see myself quietly kneading the dough, rolling in the yeast, slowly, methodically, rhythmically. Connecting with an ancient tradition. It seemed so lovely.Josh told me we had yeast, which I didn't think we had. It stressed me out … Continue reading Making bread and other tranquil things