Tell Them What To See

We took John to the museum a few weeks ago. I was afraid it might go badly. He is only four, after all. He might break something, throw a tantrum, embarrass me somehow. But I craved the creative. So we went anyway.  When we walked through the doors, genius struck. Instead of clutching his hand … Continue reading Tell Them What To See

In Praise of ‘I Can’t’

For the next few weeks, I can't do more than I can. It's not something I like to admit to myself.  I can't drive. I can't stand for long. All my chairs require pillows. I need sleep. I need to eat more. I am a version of a baby. In need of slowness and gentleness, … Continue reading In Praise of ‘I Can’t’

Why “Working Mother” Is A Redundant Term, Part 1

This needs to be said. And I need to be the one to say it. I was really proud of my "working motherhood" status for a while. It meant I got the best of both worlds, to live the feminist calling. Or so I thought. So I did it all. I birthed a child, parented … Continue reading Why “Working Mother” Is A Redundant Term, Part 1

How to know your child’s ruined

Becoming a mom almost three years ago transformed me into one of the most neurotic, nail-biting versions of myself. Because children are seen as a reflection of their parents, naturally I want my son to be well-behaved, brilliant, articulate and most of all, potty-trained. Like me. My greatest fear is that I will ruin him, … Continue reading How to know your child’s ruined

A Little, Tiny Announcement

Today is one of those days where I know God is extravagantly kind because my life is proof. Today is my birthday - I turn 32. And today, I am 12 weeks pregnant with our second, long-awaited child. The details of how almost impossible this particular pregnancy seemed to me are a little too graphic, … Continue reading A Little, Tiny Announcement

Anger Management for Me: A (Slightly Whiny) Update

On July 3, I took the Anger Management Challenge from The Orange Rhino. And two weeks later, I gave you an update here. The rules are: no yelling, shouting or screaming (unless there is distance or an immediate safety issue) for 365 days. That's right. One year = no yelling. I realized I wanted my son … Continue reading Anger Management for Me: A (Slightly Whiny) Update

How to speak Toddler: A cross-cultural education

Cross-cultural studies are regular academic fare at our house. So much so, we consider ourselves multi-cultural. That is, if you consider a toddler living with two adults culture blending. Which we do. Our home is a case study in a family made of people from the same ethnicity, yet somehow, different cultures. Any time you're … Continue reading How to speak Toddler: A cross-cultural education

No more cookies. No, really. Okay, fine.

If you are a parent, or you have ever been around a toddler, you know they have these obsessions. Compulsions. These "I can't help myself" moments. While endearing the first six times they pose a nonsensical request, in only a matter of seconds the charm wears thin and suddenly, I'm shouting, "NO!" with all my … Continue reading No more cookies. No, really. Okay, fine.