When it’s all up to you: the value of legacy

{If you found me through my article on Catalyst, welcome. And if you're a regular or a visitor, please let me share my news: I had the privilege to be featured on Catalyst this week, talking about the church planting life and the value of raising up the legacy of the next generation of leaders. … Continue reading When it’s all up to you: the value of legacy

No one notices the pillars

No one notices the pillars. Take a look at the White House. The facade, the grandeur, the elegance, the sweeping landscape. The protesters in front. You can feel the history. But you probably walk right past the pillars. They cast a lovely shadow, create an ambience to be experienced, but so often we look right through them while they stand at … Continue reading No one notices the pillars

If I were God

It's been a weird week, one of sinking deeper into this identity I'd been trying to dodge. But finally feeling at home in it. Understanding my gifts and even enjoying how they work in real life. And yet at the same time, there were growing pains and conflict all around. The pain of feeling disregarded … Continue reading If I were God