No one notices the pillars

No one notices the pillars. Take a look at the White House. The facade, the grandeur, the elegance, the sweeping landscape. The protesters in front. You can feel the history. But you probably walk right past the pillars. They cast a lovely shadow, create an ambience to be experienced, but so often we look right through them while they stand at … Continue reading No one notices the pillars

Sometimes I Can’t, and That’s Good

My friends recently took on a home improvement project: a whirlwind weekend thing with painting and heavy lifting and other tiring things. I realized after it was all over they didn't ask for help. They just did it all themselves.  Then I thought that was kind of odd for my friends. We usually ask for … Continue reading Sometimes I Can’t, and That’s Good

Living (and Dreaming) in Community

Our family snapshot at the moment.As of today, we have 8 people living in our house: two parent students, one paraeducator, one student-photographer, one social worker and one pastor. And two little babies loving life. It's busy but I can't really imagine life any other way at this point. Really, I can't.So here they are:The … Continue reading Living (and Dreaming) in Community

Happy Singles Awareness Day

My friend, Alison, told me she got a Happy Singles Awareness Day wish from her friend today, and I thought I would pass on the good tidings.  Today is also Valentine's Day, if you're of that persuasion.  Or Anna Howard Shaw Day if you watch 30 Rock and listened to Liz Lemon's tirade about the … Continue reading Happy Singles Awareness Day