#Fashion for a week: 7 looks I’m trying

I feel so haphazard when I dress for work in the morning. I don't stress much, which is a good thing. But I used to put more thought into what I wore, tried to make it more "me". But that meant no planning. I would wake up and see if I felt like an artist … Continue reading #Fashion for a week: 7 looks I’m trying

A reason to purge

My dresser drawers barely close. I fold, stuff and shove, but they don't stay shut. Fabric peers out from the top. Too much stuff. I fancy myself a Purger, a lady who lives light, who doesn't value things too much. But how can that be true when my drawers are half open, contents spilling out? … Continue reading A reason to purge

Summer fashion I love: boyfriend shorts

There's nothing like that perfect slouchy feeling you get in the right pair of totally wrecked boyfriend shorts. The slouchier, the "boyfriend-er" they get. (Since I'm married, should I call them "Husband shorts?" Just don't want anyone getting the wrong idea.) Of course, you can't have them falling off you. Butt cracks are not cute. … Continue reading Summer fashion I love: boyfriend shorts

Losing beauty

I stood in the bathroom and swished my short mop between my hands one more time. Staring into the mirror last night, I complained aloud to my mother that I didn't feel like myself. "I want my glamour back," I whined. "I feel like a news anchor or a soccer mom. It's so suburban. So … Continue reading Losing beauty

What to eat, what to wear: brand new favorites

After a one-two punch of sickness around here (hormonal migraines and sinus infection), I am going back to my homeopathic/holistic roots for answers to healing and nutrition. I am so done with being sick. Yuck! Spirit of Health in Kansas City has proven to be an incredible resource for recipes, teaching videos on health, as … Continue reading What to eat, what to wear: brand new favorites