A Baby Guess Contest & Giveaway

I love guessing. I hope you do too. In one week, we find out if Baby Siders is a boy or a girl, and while I have my suspicions - not telling! - I sure am stumped. So which one will it be? Boy or girl? What do you think? Submit your guess on Twitter or Facebook by Monday, … Continue reading A Baby Guess Contest & Giveaway

Three Years of Wonderful: Happy Birthday, John

Today is my son's third birthday. I can hardly believe he is three. Three, people. As in, more than one year old.  Three years ago today, this was us, tired, happy and a little swollen: I'm in major Mom-Nostalgia Brain over here. It's a serious condition. Last night at dinner, I flipped through photos of … Continue reading Three Years of Wonderful: Happy Birthday, John

#NewMusicMonday: Vineyard

Today's feature is Vineyard, a Midwest-based, folk-rock band, fresh out of the studio with their lively, experimental E.P., Other Girls. The album displays the group's versatile skill at blending musical styles. Sound of Reminiscence features a driving rock rhythm that sweeps you up in the moment. The record's first song, Used, however, croons melancholy break-up lyrics that don't bum … Continue reading #NewMusicMonday: Vineyard

#NewMusicMonday: Bird Call

Today's new music comes to us from Bird Call, a New York artist described as "heart-burstingly lovely" by The Guardian. And rightly so. Her scratchy, jazz vocals sail along atop synthetic keys and floaty percussions, beautifully designed and layered. Her debut album releases on September 3rd this year, but you can listen all you want while … Continue reading #NewMusicMonday: Bird Call

#NewMusicMonday: Laura Viers

This week's new music feature is Laura Viers. She hails from Portland, Oregon, and that always makes this Pacific Northwest-born girl happy. But truly, I feel as if I've made a delightful discovery. It seems odd I've only just heard of her. She's been creating music for a while now, but Spotify recommended her today, so … Continue reading #NewMusicMonday: Laura Viers

#Fashion for a week: 7 looks I’m trying

I feel so haphazard when I dress for work in the morning. I don't stress much, which is a good thing. But I used to put more thought into what I wore, tried to make it more "me". But that meant no planning. I would wake up and see if I felt like an artist … Continue reading #Fashion for a week: 7 looks I’m trying

How to speak Toddler: A cross-cultural education

Cross-cultural studies are regular academic fare at our house. So much so, we consider ourselves multi-cultural. That is, if you consider a toddler living with two adults culture blending. Which we do. Our home is a case study in a family made of people from the same ethnicity, yet somehow, different cultures. Any time you're … Continue reading How to speak Toddler: A cross-cultural education

#NewMusicMonday: Anna Meredith

Goosebumps, tingles and sheer awe: my reaction to today's featured musical presentation. Let's get this out of the way: you've never seen anything quite like this before. Unless you've already seen this extraordinary performance. Meet Anna Meredith, composer and performer. As the composer in residence with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Anna's usual creations are … Continue reading #NewMusicMonday: Anna Meredith

#NewMusicMonday: Drums of Death ft. Yasmin

Found these two paired up over at Planet Notion this week. To be honest, though, I hadn't heard of the individual artists until today. The song matches luscious vocals with bouncy house beats perfectly, like they were made for each other. The video adds another beautiful visual dimension, with dancers in black and white. Just … Continue reading #NewMusicMonday: Drums of Death ft. Yasmin