What We Do Not Celebrate, We Often Scorn

Maybe you didn't realize it, but someone else told you what to believe is beautiful. And you probably bought it. We are told by those in power, whether in religion, economics, government, education or media, whether or not we are free to like and enjoy a type of person or thing, or not. Usually only … Continue reading What We Do Not Celebrate, We Often Scorn

Just Apply Compassion {A Guest Post}

{Today we hear from journalist and blogger Tiffany Roney on the topic of forgiveness and a little secret she learned to let go of pain and hurt. When she sent this post to me a few weeks ago, I had no idea it would powerfully work its way into my life with perfect timing. Tomorrow I … Continue reading Just Apply Compassion {A Guest Post}

Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?

Sometimes Christian music is so flat and depressing. Is it okay if I say that?  It's because it's so entry-level, so absorbed in "that one time Jesus saved me". And then the story never progresses. I heard a song today with the lyrics "My chains were broken...when your loved washed over me." Really? All your … Continue reading Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?

These stories pump water

I love brand new ideas, really good ones I wish I thought of. Don't you? Well, here's one for you. Have you heard of CausePub yet? If you haven't, you're about to. I just wrote a story for CausePub, an organization creating books for a cause through group-publishing. [Click here to read the story and … Continue reading These stories pump water

The God of Self-Help

If you've been in church, or been around churchy people, you've heard people talk about God. Mostly he sounds like a philanthropic celebrity, but kind of religiousy. The hazy God-descriptions based on scriptural references don't help. "He's the God of the oppressed." "He's the Father to the fatherless." "He's a friend to those in need." … Continue reading The God of Self-Help

When it’s all up to you: the value of legacy

{If you found me through my article on Catalyst, welcome. And if you're a regular or a visitor, please let me share my news: I had the privilege to be featured on Catalyst this week, talking about the church planting life and the value of raising up the legacy of the next generation of leaders. … Continue reading When it’s all up to you: the value of legacy

I am the opposite of me

I am a paradox. And so are you. We are clean and shiny in some areas of ourselves, yet disheveled disasters in others. The real estate of our souls and our yards is impeccable from one angle, and painfully unkempt from another. How is it that we can live with coexisting brilliance and ignorance, with generous … Continue reading I am the opposite of me

No one notices the pillars

No one notices the pillars. Take a look at the White House. The facade, the grandeur, the elegance, the sweeping landscape. The protesters in front. You can feel the history. But you probably walk right past the pillars. They cast a lovely shadow, create an ambience to be experienced, but so often we look right through them while they stand at … Continue reading No one notices the pillars

A squishy, floaty, sturdy, heavy thing called Love

Only the things done in love matter. Only the things done in love weigh enough to stamp eternity. Everything else just floats off the surface as vapor. It's not the act. It's the intent. Love might wear you out, but it doesn't get tired that easily. Love lets you be where you are right now, … Continue reading A squishy, floaty, sturdy, heavy thing called Love