I am Jesus’ awkward friend

In college, it was getting easy. I finally figured out how to make friends, not talk too much or make people feel uncomfortable around me. And aside from the tumultuous relationships and the general self-loathing, my relationship with God felt relatively sturdy too. In the mornings, I propped up my pillow behind my head, then … Continue reading I am Jesus’ awkward friend

All the Little Things

[Today I'm writing at Start Marriage Right about how the little things all stack up in our relationships, and how that impacts our dynamics for good and bad.] I was already going to be late, and I knew it. Skimming through the house, I tried to piece together all my essential parts before running out … Continue reading All the Little Things

How come it’s so hard?

How come I do not know how to be a mom? How come there is not a book that describes motherhood for my personality and lifestyle? How come there is not a drug to calm me down? How come there are not enough hours in a day? How come there is guilt no matter what? … Continue reading How come it’s so hard?

Stories of Fear and Faith: A video series

{Stories of Fear and Faith is a new video blog series about my adventures in overcoming fear of the opinions of others and using my ounces of courage to pray for healing and deliver the message of Jesus' restoration to friends and strangers through demonstrations of love and power. Want to know how I got here? … Continue reading Stories of Fear and Faith: A video series