I am Jesus’ awkward friend

In college, it was getting easy. I finally figured out how to make friends, not talk too much or make people feel uncomfortable around me. And aside from the tumultuous relationships and the general self-loathing, my relationship with God felt relatively sturdy too. In the mornings, I propped up my pillow behind my head, then … Continue reading I am Jesus’ awkward friend

All the Little Things

[Today I'm writing at Start Marriage Right about how the little things all stack up in our relationships, and how that impacts our dynamics for good and bad.] I was already going to be late, and I knew it. Skimming through the house, I tried to piece together all my essential parts before running out … Continue reading All the Little Things

How come it’s so hard?

How come I do not know how to be a mom? How come there is not a book that describes motherhood for my personality and lifestyle? How come there is not a drug to calm me down? How come there are not enough hours in a day? How come there is guilt no matter what? … Continue reading How come it’s so hard?