What Fear Is Protecting You From

Your fear is protecting you. Keeping you safe. Insulating you. A cheap yet costly insurance plan. Your fear is a watchdog, an alarm, a siren in the dead of night. Your fear hands you a brochure with the claim that as long as you stayed scared, nothing bad will ever happen to you. The Fear … Continue reading What Fear Is Protecting You From

These stories pump water

I love brand new ideas, really good ones I wish I thought of. Don't you? Well, here's one for you. Have you heard of CausePub yet? If you haven't, you're about to. I just wrote a story for CausePub, an organization creating books for a cause through group-publishing. [Click here to read the story and … Continue reading These stories pump water

Anger Management for Moms: the 365 Day Challenge

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about anger. My anger. The kind that fills me up with sadness and regret. The kind I dive into in the moment and feel I'm drowning in the next. Since I wrote about it, read about anger from other moms and started paying attention to my volume and emotion, … Continue reading Anger Management for Moms: the 365 Day Challenge

When in doubt

I've mentioned before I was quite neurotic as a child, nervous and over-analyzing. Afraid to be wrong. That's still me, but the stakes are higher. I'm not just deciding which clothes will make me popular. Now I'm choosing financial investments and career moves. Big stuff. My mind swirls with great ideas and good intentions, things … Continue reading When in doubt

Unblock your writer

"I write in terror. I have to talk myself into bravery with every sentence, sometimes every syllable." –Cynthia Ozick "Don’t simply tell me that faith saves you, tell me how it almost failed you, too. Don’t tell me about love, speak of your passion. Don’t tell me you’re hurt, let me see your heart breaking. … Continue reading Unblock your writer

Sick of being sick and a new kind of health

During my recent efforts to partner with God and see the sick healed, I've noticed a tragic pattern in my own life. Much like those I pray for, I've allowed sickness and poor health to inhabit my life. In this, I made a painful discovery. Even if I pray for someone and they are healed, … Continue reading Sick of being sick and a new kind of health

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand Cream Pie

This afternoon, my kitchen was a mess from lunch with friends, and I just left it that way. Now it's dinner time, and I should be fixing something with protein in it, but instead I decided I wanted to make a banana cream pie. I'm a terribly impractical cook. But in my defense, today is … Continue reading There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand Cream Pie

I am crazy… …

I am crazy... Because I believe one person makes a difference. It makes a difference if they do their thing or not, whether they give who they are to the world. How do I know? My husband is one person. I only have one of him. My son is only one person. He makes a … Continue reading I am crazy… …