Rapidly in Pursuit of Failure

I am a sprinter. I live life in short bursts. Two weeks chasing a hobby, or a sparkling new pursuit. Giving myself completely to an idea. Up late, up early, energized and watching my work put on skin. It's terrifically exciting. All that momentum. All the success, real and imagined. But it's also terrifying.These energy bursts, these … Continue reading Rapidly in Pursuit of Failure

Favorites and Bests from the Week

A multi-media presentation of Favorites and Bests. 🙂 Best blog/genius idea: Storyline by Donald MillerBest blog post for writers: http://storylineblog.com/2012/11/29/how-great-writers-think/Best advice for being a good conversationalist: Best advice about life from Mark Twain (a compilation):Best Where Are They Now celeb : You just gotta see it to believe it. Hint: It's Milton from Office Space. Books: Danny Silk's new book Powerful and … Continue reading Favorites and Bests from the Week