What God As A Baby Says About Burnt Dinner And Broken Toys

Jesus, I've been waiting to talk to you. Waiting until the topic was big enough to matter. Waiting to hear your opinion on an issue more significant than laundry. But the other day, while I folded my clothes before bed, I realized something. You're not simply a God of big, abstract, distant things. You're a … Continue reading What God As A Baby Says About Burnt Dinner And Broken Toys

What I Told Our Four Year Old About Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, and I feel compelled to mourn. Confused, grieving and very lost early in the day, I’m sure Jesus’ disciples felt the same way, and much worse. I can only imagine they had no clue where to turn as they watched their leader, their friend spend the day dying. But by three in the afternoon, … Continue reading What I Told Our Four Year Old About Good Friday

What Happens When We Don’t Ask Questions

We assume someone who is overweight should just work out. Or the skinny kid should eat more. We assume the single 30-something has too high of standards. Or maye there's something wrong with him. We assume the childless couple is self-absorbed, preferring wine and cheese parties and late night soirees to slumber parties and the … Continue reading What Happens When We Don’t Ask Questions

How To Get Time Back

I used to hate November. It smelled of death. In November 1994, my friend Melissa's mom died of cancer. Melissa was only motherless for two years. In November 1996, Melissa died in a car accident, days after the anniversary of her mother's death. Four more years and another dear friend, Joe, died. It was another … Continue reading How To Get Time Back

Resting My Way To Heaven

I don't think my husband understands me.  I don't think he knows what it feels like to push myself until I'm ragged just to quiet the whispering-shouting "Not Enough Not Good Enough" voice.   I wonder if he knows the feeling of starting each day hopeful and ending each day with a blasting awareness of all … Continue reading Resting My Way To Heaven

Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?

Sometimes Christian music is so flat and depressing. Is it okay if I say that?  It's because it's so entry-level, so absorbed in "that one time Jesus saved me". And then the story never progresses. I heard a song today with the lyrics "My chains were broken...when your loved washed over me." Really? All your … Continue reading Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?

These stories pump water

I love brand new ideas, really good ones I wish I thought of. Don't you? Well, here's one for you. Have you heard of CausePub yet? If you haven't, you're about to. I just wrote a story for CausePub, an organization creating books for a cause through group-publishing. [Click here to read the story and … Continue reading These stories pump water

The God of Self-Help

If you've been in church, or been around churchy people, you've heard people talk about God. Mostly he sounds like a philanthropic celebrity, but kind of religiousy. The hazy God-descriptions based on scriptural references don't help. "He's the God of the oppressed." "He's the Father to the fatherless." "He's a friend to those in need." … Continue reading The God of Self-Help