#NewMusicMonday: Eisley

Ethereal meets edgy, meandering vocals layered over a sharp rock bed. This is ambient music I don’t want to tune out. Meet Eisley with their song, Currents. Happily reminds me of the things I love of about Cranberries and Regina Spektor, but they’re doing their own cool thing. Check this out.

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#NewMusicMonday: Jordan Scanlan

Today we meet Jordan Scanlan, an up-and-coming, Midwest-based solo artist. I’ve heard Jordan play live several times, and his authenticity and boldness in his performance always struck me. It felt like watching David on the hills with his sheep, this time strumming a guitar instead of a harp, singing so loud to wear his heart and his innards on the outside.

He held nothing back.

Jordan’s live EP, Promised Land, provides the same experience, a boyish earnestness with a grown-up simplicity. The album is Jordan and his guitar. But despite the lack of additional vocals or accompaniment, the sound is still robust, engaging, full of his signature yearning to explore God as he knows him, and as he doesn’t.

Jordan is bravely giving away his five-song EP, Promised Land, at noisetrade. But you can leave a tip. I bet you’ll think he earned it. Sample the album by clicking on the Noisetrade image below, then download away. Enjoy.

[Updated: the link to the album was not working before, but this has been corrected. I apologize for the inconvenience.]


#NewMusicMonday: Cloverton

[I know you’re thinking: “#NewMusicMonday on Tuesday? What continent is she on?” Relax. I did it on purpose. And still in North America, for the record.]

Today we finally meet Cloverton, a Midwest-based Christian rock band with a sound you wish you’d heard before now.

When I first met Cloverton’s musicians four years ago, I hesitated. I really wanted to like their music, but I wondered if it would feel and sound like all the other fabricated, feel-good fluff mass-produced for religious audiences.

It didn’t. What a relief!


Cloverton consistently delivers heart-wrenching, piano-driven rock ballads with all the right electrifying highs and lows. Raw lyrics, 100% syrup-free, discreetly but openly spill their guts about pain and fear and the moments of grace and mercy when God enters the room. Cloverton’s lyrics draw from a deep ache of genuine humanity, while at the same time remembering the healing crash of the divine in the midst of everything gone wrong.

Singer-songwriter Lance Stafford is a true poet, creating music that not only performs but also worships. It’s no surprise, since that’s where he got his start, as a worship leader in a small town, Midwestern church plant, alongside his brother, Layne. The current collaboration includes four band members, each aspiring to the height of his musical craft, passionately elevating the music to excellence with spine-tingling electric, throbbing bass and unstoppable percussion.

Since the band’s inception, they produced two, four-song EPs, Take Me Into The Beautiful in 2009, and The End Is The Beginning, featuring a music video of the title track. [Watch the video here.]

Today the band launches their first full-length album, Patterns, funded through a Kickstarter campaign this past spring. Within only 12 days, their goal of $20,000 was met, and at 30 days, it more than doubled. The success of the Kickstarter fundraiser revealed the massive potential success for the upcoming album.

Today you can preview and purchase the album right here. Just click the album cover below.


#NewMusicMonday: S’ambrosia

Say hello to S’ambrosia, veteran singer-songwriter, raised out here in the Midwest. It might surprise you she’s not some fancy girl from one of the coasts when you hear her giant, soulful voice, full of commitment, grit and passion. But now that I say it like that, it sounds an awful lot like the Midwest.

She’s another one who gives me goosebumps as soon as she starts singing. Listening to the Yours Alone track right now, and there it went, right up my spine. Chills. Goosebumps.

Refusing to produce predictable, vanilla, religious music we’ve all tired of, S’ambrosia explores a deeper experience with the divine than the usual radio fare. She seems to really know God. And like him.

Lyrically, musically, she is just different. What a nice change.

S’ambrosia’s work has been surprisingly a best-kept secret, but she’s getting the word out. Did you know you can download her sophomore album, My Name, Your Seal, for free? She suggests a tip of $7, but she’s following the trend and letting you decide how much to contribute to her work. Give her a listen, and you’ll see $7 is a steal. Click below to listen and download her album.



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