If I were God

It's been a weird week, one of sinking deeper into this identity I'd been trying to dodge. But finally feeling at home in it. Understanding my gifts and even enjoying how they work in real life. And yet at the same time, there were growing pains and conflict all around. The pain of feeling disregarded … Continue reading If I were God

Go ahead and use up all the grace – that’s what it’s for

I get so anxious, so tired, so worked up some nights. The thought of doing life tomorrow is wearisome. Working, caring for a child, trying to love. I just can't fathom how I'll have energy for it. Then I remind myself, Honey, it's not tomorrow yet. You'll never have tomorrow's grace today. You only get … Continue reading Go ahead and use up all the grace – that’s what it’s for

When one of those people ruins your day

It was a good day. Except for one tiny, giant wrinkle. You know those days. The good was so good. Somewhere in there was a great idea and a flurry of text messages from one of my favorite creative friends, leading up to something exciting, something beautiful maybe. There was a relatively productive meeting with genuine … Continue reading When one of those people ruins your day

How Does She (Not) Do It?

I'm not going to lie. Sometimes when I'm in self-pity mode, I wonder why more people don't ask me how I do it. I am a hundred things to many people, or at least six things to hundreds of people. My weeks are planned before I even get to them. I don't really do spontaneous anymore. … Continue reading How Does She (Not) Do It?

Hospitality and the Ministry of Stuff

I grew up with a Mom who lived a humble hospitality. Holidays were acknowledged but without fanfare. Tasteful decorations indicated to visitors we knew which season it was, but no one thought we were trying to get into the home show. My folks were a conservative bunch. Generous with the least of these, our resources were not … Continue reading Hospitality and the Ministry of Stuff

The Essential Implications of Plant Survival

I know they meant well, but it was a sad day. It was the day my co-workers got me a plant for a wedding present. It was a lovely plant, which would make most normal people happy. But for a serial plant killer – not on purpose, okay – the more beautiful the plant, the … Continue reading The Essential Implications of Plant Survival

Finally, a use for Patience

I’ve thoroughly disliked Patience for a long time. We've simply not had much in common. The main reason for this that I can tell is that I am not patient. And Patience is. While Patience can sit nicely at the stoplight, I am quickly turning right to avoid it, zipping through a parking lot in … Continue reading Finally, a use for Patience

When it starts to feel real

There’s a funny feeling walking through a brand, new rite of passage. Even though high school, college and grad school, marriage and and parenting were all part of the expected, or at least the hoped-for, there was an odd sensation walking across the stage or back down that aisle.In May 2000, I tossed my black, … Continue reading When it starts to feel real

Married to the job

I like my husband. He's attractive. Dresses great. He's hilarious, and he gets my jokes. He's incredibly smart, an unbelievably intuitive partner and parent. He's insightful, good with people, takes care of the money (thank God!), and he loves God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (and knows the difference between them all. And that's not … Continue reading Married to the job