The Power of Gentleness

Maybe you don't know the power of gentleness, but God does. And God is dealing with you gently. It's a start contrast between how we treat ourselves. We often handle ourselves with aggression and frustration, throwing ourselves around the room, even threatening ourselves if we can't change, stop screwing up, get it right. But Jesus … Continue reading The Power of Gentleness

Resting My Way To Heaven

I don't think my husband understands me.  I don't think he knows what it feels like to push myself until I'm ragged just to quiet the whispering-shouting "Not Enough Not Good Enough" voice.   I wonder if he knows the feeling of starting each day hopeful and ending each day with a blasting awareness of all … Continue reading Resting My Way To Heaven

Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?

Sometimes Christian music is so flat and depressing. Is it okay if I say that?  It's because it's so entry-level, so absorbed in "that one time Jesus saved me". And then the story never progresses. I heard a song today with the lyrics "My chains were broken...when your loved washed over me." Really? All your … Continue reading Isn’t It Supposed To Happen More Than Once?