How sick became the new normal

[Note to readers, visitors and all curious holistic types: I am not selling anything on this site. There are no items to buy. I just believe these things. This is my story, my health evolution in progress. Thanks for reading and learning along with me.] On Wednesday, I mentioned the pandemic acceptance of illness and … Continue reading How sick became the new normal

Sick of being sick and a new kind of health

During my recent efforts to partner with God and see the sick healed, I've noticed a tragic pattern in my own life. Much like those I pray for, I've allowed sickness and poor health to inhabit my life. In this, I made a painful discovery. Even if I pray for someone and they are healed, … Continue reading Sick of being sick and a new kind of health

When we get to heaven…

When we get to heaven, we will discover God is so much better than we thought. Much kinder, grander, more magnanimous, generous, beautiful, vast. We will see that he was always looking at us with those kind, crinkly eyes, glad to have us here. So let's start interacting with him that way now. Jesus enables … Continue reading When we get to heaven…

The battle of healing among the sick

It was about two and a half weeks ago, a Monday, and the healing conference was only a day behind me. I didn't pray for any strangers for healing at the conference, but after coming home and hearing the stories I'd heard, I decided I was going to do it. I would stop saying "No" … Continue reading The battle of healing among the sick

Stories of Fear and Faith #6.1 This is all a little surreal. I'm really doing it though. I am praying for strangers and friends alike for healing. I am realizing what an adventurous God I'm working with here. He loves so much. I just have to stay connected to that love or I'm headed for compassion burnout. But it's been … Continue reading Stories of Fear and Faith #6.1

You’ve never existed before

If you want to do something grand yet peculiar with your life, if you want to be something enormous, colorful and wild, but you can't seem to think of anyone else who has done this before, well you're probably right. No one has ever been you before. So the thing in your head that you … Continue reading You’ve never existed before

I am found, or The thing I’ve been missing

I learned a lot about love this week, but it was kind of a backwards experience. I learned how much I needed love when I tried to "love" people without feeling loved myself, and without truly loving them. I'm great at being nice. Just ask anyone I work with. I practice forgiveness and written extensively … Continue reading I am found, or The thing I’ve been missing

Stories of Fear and Faith #2

It's our first full day in Oklahoma. Check out the video for a little background on why we are here, what we're doing and a fun story about God giving me a message for a junior high girl. She was adorable! Also check Instagram and Twitter (@sarahsiders on both) for my crazy #4days4ways challenge, wearing … Continue reading Stories of Fear and Faith #2

I am crazy… …

I am crazy... Because I believe one person makes a difference. It makes a difference if they do their thing or not, whether they give who they are to the world. How do I know? My husband is one person. I only have one of him. My son is only one person. He makes a … Continue reading I am crazy… …