Your Lent Is My Advent

When Bourbon Street woke up Wednesday morning, awash in color and liquor, it was Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The day we were supposed to begin our preparations for Easter. Everyone had something to say about Lent, about what we should give up, trade in, or add to our routines. But this year, … Continue reading Your Lent Is My Advent

A Strange Beauty in the Pain of Longing

When I wrote about the pain of waiting a couple weeks ago, I promised this insight from my friend, Henry Bartel, a fellow sojourner on the path of longing. Henry's piece today hurts with its honesty and resonance. If you are a pain-avoider like I am, you need these words on the beauty and benefits … Continue reading A Strange Beauty in the Pain of Longing

A Little, Tiny Announcement

Today is one of those days where I know God is extravagantly kind because my life is proof. Today is my birthday - I turn 32. And today, I am 12 weeks pregnant with our second, long-awaited child. The details of how almost impossible this particular pregnancy seemed to me are a little too graphic, … Continue reading A Little, Tiny Announcement

Negative tests and practicing my poker face

{I've been leery of sharing these thoughts and stories about our journey to have Baby #2. I don't want to get pegged as an infertility writer cause I will feel guilty for getting pregnant when my readers are still trying. But more than that, letting strangers see the longings in my heart has been just … Continue reading Negative tests and practicing my poker face