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Hey there, Mama.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the hardest part of mothering has been the constant feeling I didn’t know what I was doing. I would try things, they wouldn’t work, and I would try again. But it was frustrating and left me feeling like a failure at times.

People tell us parenting is an experiment, but it doesn’t make it feel better. Is there a better way?

When my son turned seven years old, I hada breakthrough moment. I realized that all my fretting, worry and panic trying to make sure he wasn’t behind his peers was all for nothing. Here was my son sitting on the couch reading, potty trained years ago. He is happy and healthy and well-adjusted despite all the ways I tormented myself to get him here. Ugh. I was so hard on myself. Maybe you can relate.

I decided I wanted to be kinder to myself as a mother, worry less and enjoy parenting more. But how?

First off, we have to give up the idea that we can be perfect mothers. That “perfect mothers” even exist. Because they don’t.

But we don’t actually want to be perfect anyway. Really. Do you know what you want more than being “perfect”? According to research, what moms really want is to feel like their families are close and enjoy being together, and they want to feel like they are doing a “good job”.

How often do you hear that, Mom? We don’t hear it enough, do we? 

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Parenting with confidence is the key to being able to tell ourselves we are doing well, even when the days are long. Like, so very long some days. Am I right? But when we can keep control of our thoughts and emotions and not use our children’s behavior to dictate our own, when we value connection with our kids over perfect behavior, then we can feel that at the end of the day, we did our best. And we can be proud of that.

That’s what confident parenting feels like. It doesn’t feel like perfection. It feels comfortable. It’s enjoyable. It’s more relaxed. It’s being the kind of parent you really want to be.

If this sounds like something you want for yourself and your family, I hope you’ll join me for Confident Mothering, a small group, online six-week coaching experience designed to help you discover the Confident Mother in you.

Let’s talk about what you’ll gain from Confident Mothering:

  • Learn to communicate with love and respect (even when we don’t feel like it)
  • Improve your self control when moments get heated
  • Change the way you talk to yourself as a mother
  • Get ideas and practical tools for challenging behavior
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries for our kids
  • Discover the building blocks of trust
  • Identify self care rituals that actually work for you
Are you ready to mother with joy and confidence? I would love to have you join us.
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Here’s what you get with the Confident Mothering experience:

  • 6 weekly meetings with me & other moms starting Monday, October 29 at 7pm CST.
  • Online meetings so you can join us from anywhere in the world using your phone or computer. (We use an easy to use video tool called Zoom. We can all see each other’s faces and interact better this way.)
  • A private Facebook group to keep conversation going between meetings.
  • The chance to meet other amazing moms who you can encourage and who can support you on your Confident Mothering journey.
  • A feeling of hope, confidence and pride that you’re investing in yourself to be the best mother you can be.

Are you ready to take the leap into

Confident Mothering?

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The Confident Mothering Investment & Details

  • Limited openings: In order to keep this group intimate and help us all get the most out of the experience, I am going to limit openings.
  • Tuition for the Confident Mothering group experience is regularly priced at $200.
  • EARLY BIRD RATE: If you purchase by Sept 30, you can get $100 off the regular price. Which means you only pay $100 for all six weeks of coaching!


Click any of the pink buttons on this page, then enter your name and email in the notes section, click PAY and you’re all set! You’ll get a follow up welcome email from me soon. ❤

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Still unsure? Here’s what a few of my mom clients have to say about working with me.

“Sarah will refresh your soul. Her giftedness in coaching, questions and insight have taken me from a paralyzed young mom to a confident woman with a clear vision and action steps for a satisfying and abundant life.”  -Laura

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I highly recommend that you take advantage of Sarah Siders as a coach and therapist. She serious has helped me focus in who I am in my identity as a wife, mother, artist, business owner, and educator. I wear many hats and she has helped me in so many ways to get my you know what together. I now have a path that I follow and know when to add things into my life and when to take them out. Thanks Sarah Siders <3!  -J.E. 

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Don’t forget: enter your name and email in the notes section when you click the pink button, click PAY and you’re good to go! See you soon.


Got a question about Confident Mothering before you dive in? Shoot me an email at sarahsidersconsulting at gmail dot com. I would love to hear from you.


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