One of the best feelings in the world is knowing your life made a positive impact on the life of another person. A personal transformation is complete once it is shared. So when you invest in your own growth and transformation through consulting with Sarah, 10% of your investment is donated to a partnership with The Lulu Tree, a non-profit organization serving slum communities in Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The Lulu Tree brings hope and transformation to fathers, mothers and children who might otherwise have no options for education, healthcare or even basic living needs. The Lulu Tree also seeks to place orphaned children and widowed women in families so they are loved and cared for in community.

With every consulting package you purchase, you are preserving families, providing life-saving medical care and living necessities, as well as education and training for mothers and children, changing the life trajectory of families and whole communities in these developing nations.

As you change your life, you’ll change many others.  

How cool is that? If you want to learn more about the work of The Lulu Tree or explore their beautiful shop of handmade clothing and accessories, visit their website.


Children from several eastern Ugandan villages arrived for a meal of beans, rice and juice provided by The Lulu Tree.