Take the leap toward the life you love!

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Imagine yourself, one year from today. You look back at the last 365 days and you can hardly believe you finally did it. You told your friends and family you would do it, and you did it. That feeling of joy, accomplishment, pride and peace is yours. Finally.

Now rewind to today. What if this is the year you finally finish your degree, lose the weight, pour your whole heart into your marriage or launch your business? What if this is the year you decide there are no more excuses? What if this is the year you finally have the tools and support to take the leap?

I know this is the year you want to make it happen, but you can’t do it alone. You need coaching, and you need community. If we want to make our wildest dreams a reality, the accountability and support from an experienced life coach and therapist, along with a community of passionate, committed like-minded people will make all the difference.


In The Leap Year Group Coaching Sessions, take the leap over the next six months to see your dreams, goals and visions for this year realized, and be sure you can look back at 2017 with pride and not regret.

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In The Leap Year Coaching Community, you’ll learn to:

  • Focus your attention on one or two major goals and dreams for this year
  • Shift from a mindset and thinking patterns that tripped you up in the past and move to a confident success mindset
  • Break down your big, huge goals into actionable steps you’ll feel positive you can achieve
  • Identify and move beyond the stuck points and barriers that kept you from achieving your goals in the past
  • Watch yourself complete tasks and move row in confidence that you are a finisher and you can do anything you set your mind
  • Share with other people who are moving toward their dreams and join in their celebrations as they share in yours
  • Offer your own wisdom and experience to other individuals who need to hear from you
  • Get access to Sarah through videos, motivational posts and group coaching calls where we share tips, troubleshooting and goal hacks and make real progress together

Don’t forget: if you know you’re ready to leap and want the support, ideas and celebration of others who are taking the leap like you? Click here to join the The Leap Year Community on Facebook totally free. 

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