It’s almost impossible

On Sunday, amidst the usual flurry of activity, my friend, Kerry, shoved Freefall to Fly into my hands. The exchange happened in seconds. I don't really remember why she gave it to me, except that we had talked about it recently. She was spot on. This is what I needed to read. Somewhere hidden in the … Continue reading It’s almost impossible

Stories of Fear and Faith#3 Yesterday was our first full day at the conference. It was full of 2/3 fear and failing and 1/3 success and bravery. I know that's better than 100% failure, but it's clear I have a long way to go. I'm realizing some major blocks in my desire to pray for sick or injured people. … Continue reading Stories of Fear and Faith#3

Stories of Fear and Faith #2

It's our first full day in Oklahoma. Check out the video for a little background on why we are here, what we're doing and a fun story about God giving me a message for a junior high girl. She was adorable! Also check Instagram and Twitter (@sarahsiders on both) for my crazy #4days4ways challenge, wearing … Continue reading Stories of Fear and Faith #2