I’ve been writing for a while. Since childhood, in fact, although I never would’ve called myself a writer. Because I never finished any of my stories. It started with incomplete fiction manuscripts shoved under my twin bed back in Portland, Oregon. During my teen years, my writing turned predictably to angsty poetry and journaling. I started this blog as The Siders House Rules right after I got married, but it wasn’t until I got inspired by Jeff Goins’ book, You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One), that I decided to go public.

I’m a writer. There, I said it. So now I have to start acting like one. Here’s where I’ve been contributing so far:

Where I’ve Been Featured:

Couch Rebels, a collection of adventure stories published and sold to provide clean water to those without.

Steve Wiens, The Actual Pastor

Catalyst Conference blog

Start Marriage Right (where I’m a regular contributor)

Burnside Writers Collective

Hopeful Leigh

Live Action News


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