I hosted a shower for one of my very dear friends this weekend. She is the first of my close friends to have a second baby, and this one is a girl so I am thrilled to give myself the title “Aunt Sarah” so I can have official access to purchasing all the pink, fluff and tullage a girl could want.
My lovely friend modeling a rubber ducky with an attitude.
Let it be known that I am not the cute, crafty mom that blogs about showers and parties and crafts. In fact, I don’t even like cooking or baking. Fortunately, three of my friends helped me with food so all I had to do was whip up Mama Jean’s amazing coffee cake, and I was done. That way I could focus on the part of the shower I enjoy most: decorating and design.
I throw showers and parties for friends fairly often, and although it makes me a little crazy in the process, I do enjoy gobbling up design blogs to see what other people have done. I always end up with a million ideas at the last minute. Like the idea to make party favor bookmarks from lace, ribbon and my Victorian scrapbook paper. Too late for that idea – not enough time, but maybe next time. 
I’m imaginative, but I’m also on a budget so I opted for the mostly pink fabrics and textures I already had around the house. I wanted to have a little Victorian touch to the rustic chic already in our home. Here is a tour of what I came up with:
Picking fabrics and textures is always fun, especially when your friend’s baby girl is involved.

I don’t really like games at showers or parties. The fun always feels forced, contrived and inauthentic. It’s a bad feeling. Instead I like to pick activities or crafts for guests. I had a Barbie princess puzzle laid out on a table for guests to work on. I also picked this idea below as an activity for guests and way for them to give my friend a happy wish or prayer for the baby.

I call it The Blessing Tree, a combination of ideas I found on the blogs, specifically this idea from Baby Lifestyles. I am quite proud of this so feel free to steal the idea. I found a few small branches with some character in the yard, and used tulle to help them maintain position in the vase. Then I cut out leaves and birds from Victorian-style scrapbook paper and used clothes pins to clip them to the branches. 

Guests were directed to “write a prayer, wish or blessing for the baby” to be used to decorate the baby’s room. I’m really excited for this to materialize in the decor of the room, although we’re not totally sure how we will incorporate it yet. 

I will definitely be using The Blessing Tree at other showers though. Such an easy, pretty and fun idea.

The Blessing Tree 
Here is the Victorian paper again, this time with the baby name written on it. These are spin-off of a super cute baby girl shower theme, again from Baby Lifestyles.
In the bathroom, I classed up the towels by providing individual hand towels for guests with a small basin to disgard used towels. And there’s the Victorian paper again. It goes with everything!
I love this glass lantern/cage my aunts and mother-in-law bought me for my wedding. I use it for decorating for the seasons and to display simple decor for parties and showers. Here I rolled dried flowers in pink tulle and placed it in the lantern. So easy. 
“Put a bird on it” door hanging. I love this too. I used these birds at a bridal shower earlier last year and repurposed them with a branch as a door hanging with the baby’s name written on the birds. Also used the Victorian paper and extra branch from the yard at the top.
And here is my friend, opening one of her many gifts. She is very loved! Can’t wait to meet this little girl. She is going to be one amazing little woman, just like her mom.

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