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You are the hero in your own life story.

You are the one chasing the dreams, failing, falling in love, getting hurt, trying again, starting things, stopping things, starting over again. The Hero of the story is the one we cheer for, root for, laugh and cry with.

We all love the Hero because the Hero knows what she wants, takes risks to get it and despite conflict, heartache and pain, rises victorious to reach hold of her prize. When the Hero wins, we all win.

And yet, most of us are caught up in the storylines of others around us and have forgotten our own dreams and desires. We’ve forgotten to live as the Hero of our own story.

You would never watch a movie where the main character had no dreams or desires, and yet this is how most of us live our lives: without purpose or intention, or even when we do achieve goals and dreams, we find ourselves holding the trophy but still feeling empty.

Did you know that it’s not just your personality that sets you apart as a person? It’s your desires and the conflict you find yourself in because of those longings that makes who you are. This conflict is likely both internal and external, but it is the place of struggle where you become exactly who you are intended to be all along. But if you give up on the dreams and the subsequent struggle, you lose yourself completely.


That’s where a Life Consultant comes in.

As a Life Consultant, I’ll help you clarify your place in your story, unearth your desires and dreams, move through conflict and get to the part of the story you want most: meaningful relationships, meaningful work and a life you can feel proud of.

I’ve discovered that recovering our own dreams and desires and making a move to see them become reality is one of the bravest, most terrifying yet most authentic things we can do. Which is why most of us never do it. What a tragedy.

My Story

This was my story. For years, I struggled to identify my own dreams and desires. I played a supporting role in other people’s dreams and learned a ton, but mostly, I was miserable because I was never willing to risk it all and say what I want. I wrestled with anxiety and depression and at some points, felt like giving up on dreams and even life completely.

Halfway through the worst year of my life, I enlisted the guidance of a Life Coach, who provided me with support and encouragement and who helped me remember who I truly was. The experience was invaluable. A year later, I started working with a Life Consultant in order to further clarify my calling and clear the path for my dreams.

The financial and time investments in my own coaching and consulting were moderate and at times, I was not sure if I could afford it. But the support, guidance and breakthrough I received was worth it.schedule-session-button
2016-headshotNow, as a Life Consultant, I am turning my own education and experience toward others like me, those who struggle to keep dreams alive in the face of challenging life circumstances, or those who may be truly successful in one part of their life but find themselves failing in other parts.


My over 15 years experience combines my work as a therapist (Licensed Master Social Worker with a degree in Clinical Social Work from Washburn University) with my training in life coaching through Robbins Madanes Training, along with education in life consulting and spiritual breakthrough counseling. For over 15 years, I’ve been providing coaching, consultation and counseling to college students, professional adults, and parents and families in a variety of settings.

A few areas where I typically provide personal or relational consultation are:

  • Life transition seasons (new relationships, roles or careers, etc.)
  • Maternal health (relational, emotional, spiritual)
  • Mental health and spiritual concerns
  • Developing personal mission and calling
  • Getting unstuck in personal life, relationships or business
  • Defining and pursuing new career options and choices

What we invest in financially, we invest in emotionally.

If you want to get more information on consulting and coaching options, feel free to connect with me using the Contact Form below and let me know how I can help. Consultation investments are pro-rated based on ability to pay, and I offer a student rate for university students as I appreciate mentorship and want to make it accessible, but also know that what we invest in financially, we invest in emotionally.

So let’s work together. I’d love to help you discover the gold in you.


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