Mama, I see you. The Mother.

The one who nurtures, comforts, teaches, heals, feeds the ones in your home, in your spheres of influence.

You say “Yes” to the needs of the little ones around you. You make sure everything is well. With everyone else.

But who nurtures the nurturer?

Who comforts the comforter?

Who teaches the teacher or heals the healer?

Who mothers the Mother?

We are taught as women and mothers that the most noble thing we can do is sacrifice ourselves, and having people you love and a cause you’re passionate about is a beautiful way to live your life.

But not at the expense of your body and soul. Not at the expense of joy and loving yourself.

When we run ourselves ragged, when we are tired and lose the sparkle in our eye, when we say No to ourselves and Yes to everything else, we end up angry, exhausted and resentful. And the worst part is, we lose the very thing we love about ourselves: our ability to love well.

I want to invite you to learn how to Mother the Mother. This is your invitation to learn, maybe for the first time, how to care for the parts of you that you can see, and the ones you can’t see as well. How to pay attention to the longings and rhythms and dreams in you that will allow you to live your best life, be your True Self, and love as well as you could possibly imagine.

This doesn’t have to stay a dream. Let’s talk.

Here’s what one mama had to say about working with me:

“Sarah will refresh your soul. Her giftedness in coaching, questions and insight have taken me from a paralyzed young mom to a confident woman with a clear vision and action steps for a satisfying and abundant life.”   – Laura

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My Story

This was my story. For years, as a young mother, I struggled to identify my own dreams and desires. I played a supporting role in other people’s dreams and learned a ton, but mostly, I was miserable because I was never willing to risk it all and say what I want. I wrestled with severe postpartum anxiety and depression and at some points, felt like giving up on dreams and even life completely.

After several months of struggling on my own with postpartum anxiety and depression, I reached out for the guidance of a Life Coach, who provided me with support and encouragement and who helped me remember who I truly was and what I wanted for myself, my marriage and my family. The experience was invaluable. A year later, I started working with another therapist in order to further clarify my calling and clear the path for my dreams.

The financial and time investments in my healing process were steep and at times, I was not sure if I could afford it. But the support, guidance and breakthrough I received was worth it. I am who I am today because of the investment these people made in me, but mostly because of the investment I made in myself.

Now, as a Therapist for mothers and families in the early childhood years, I am turning my own education and experience toward others like me, mothers who are struggling to figure out who they are after having children, fighting with postpartum anxiety or depression, or trying to reclaim the passion and purpose in their lives and marriages.

Motherhood doesn’t have to be a lonely role. Let’s do this together. I am here for you.

So let’s work together. I’d love to help you discover the gold in you.

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