I provide in-person counseling and therapy to mothers and families in the early childhood years at my practice at Andrews and Associates in Manhattan, KS.

Video sessions may be available upon request. 

To get more information or request an in-person therapy appointment, text or call 785-414-9047.

Personal Counseling

Our health and well-being starts with our relationship with ourselves first, and then with others. Learning who we are, what we like and don’t like and how to establish clear boundaries in our lives restores our love of life and creates opportunities for us to pursue what makes us come alive. For mothers in the early childhood years, we most often neglect our own physical and emotional needs to care for those around us, only to feel resentful and exhausted, unable to enjoy the fruit of our labor and the people we love around us. Let’s work together to help you clarify who you are and what you need and want so you can enjoy your life and love well, like you want to.

Marital Counseling

Learning how to understand and communicate what we need and want is one of the first steps to establishing enjoyable and fun family relationships. Romance doesn’t have to die in marriage. In fact, the commitment of marriage is the fertile ground in which true romance and chemistry can grow and deepen over time. I love helping couples fall in love again as they learn to grow together and express their true selves to each other.

To request an in-person therapy appointment, call 785-414-9047.

Wonder what it’s like to work with me? Here’s what my clients have to say:

Sarah will refresh your soul. Her giftedness in coaching, questions and insight have taken me from a paralyzed young mom to a confident woman with a clear vision and action steps for a satisfying and abundant life.   – Laura

I started sessions with Sarah because I felt I was stuck emotionally and spiritually. She has worked with me through multiple life struggles and emotions. I feel like every session holds something new to help me grown and learn. – Emily

Sarah helped me take risks. I now have clarity of my identity as a mother, entrepreneur and art teacher. I feel like she identified blocks and I am now walking out of peace and purpose. – Jazzmin